H2LAC 2023: Hydrogen Congress for Latin America and the Caribbean

The 3rd annual Hydrogen Congress for Latin America & the Caribbean (H2LAC 2023)—the region’s preeminent hydrogen conference—is landing in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, this June 13-15.

In 2022, we ran H2LAC in-person for the first time. The response was overwhelming. 250+ public and private sector leaders from 25 countries joined us in Cartagena, Colombia for what was by far the largest gathering of the regional hydrogen market that year.

Since then, we have seen indisputable progress across Latin America and the Caribbean. We have seen, in some countries, groundbreaking policy to stimulate the growth of the hydrogen ecosystem and, in yet other instances, the design, financing and execution of H2 projects.

Progress is real; so are the hurdles. As ecosystems grow and consolidate in the region, the clear challenges related to hydrogen—low volume of demand, lack of incentives, high costs across the value chain and the development of a supply chain, among others—will be thrown into sharp relief.

The 3rd Hydrogen Congress for Latin America and the Caribbean will address these issues head on, pinpoint investor opportunities, showcase success stories and – ultimately – bring the market together to accelerate the development of a world-leading hydrogen industry in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Río de Janeiro, Brazil
13-15th June 2023
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