H2 View Subscription – Birthday Offer


£150.00 / year


At H2 View, we pride ourselves on our breaking news stories, insightful comment and analysis, value-added interviews and features, and thought-provoking opinion commentaries.

We are dedicated to bringing you the quality coverage you will come to expect of H2 View, at a time when the Hydrogen Economy faces arguably its biggest challenges as it continues to grow and evolve its very definition.

Subscribing to H2 View allows us to continue delivering our combination of quality content and authority, as well as keeping you at the forefront of all things hydrogen and giving you access to our growing archives of information.

As H2 View hits the milestone of its second birthday, we want to offer a special discount on a full 12-month subscription package, available for a limited time only. From Monday July 12 to Sunday July 18, subscribe to H2 View and get 50% off, costing you £150/$205/€165 instead of £300/$410/€330.

What you will receive with a subscription to H2 View:

  • Online access to all content
  • Access to the H2 View archive of content and information
  • Monthly print editions
  • Unparalleled insight, analysis and comment around the hydrogen economy

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