1,000 fuel cell electric heavy vehicles for cleaner port operations

1,000 fuel cell electric heavy vehicles for cleaner port operations

In one of the largest deployments globally, Singapore-based Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies will supply 1,000 fuel cell electric heavy vehicles for shipping ports.

An important step in improving air quality around busy shipping ports, Horizon has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to supply 1,000 units of 100kW and higher automotive fuel cell systems for heavy duty trucks within three years, with the first units to be delivered in the second half of 2019.

According to scientific groups, diesel-powered vehicles and equipment account for approximately 50% of all nitrous oxides and two thirds of all harmful particulate matter in major economies.

The new agreement highlights the attractiveness of hydrogen as fleet operators seek to meet new restrictions on the use of diesel-powered vehicles and equipment.

Horizon said the demanding usage scenarios in ports and logistics hubs are not well suited to battery electric vehicles due to range limitations and charging down time.

George Gu, Chairman of Horizon Group, said, “We are proud that our humble PEM fuel cell technology can contribute to a cleaner world.

“The awakening of the world to the harmfulness of diesel engine emissions has accelerated the electrification of heavy vehicles.

“The resultant improvements in air quality transform the quality of life for those most affected by air pollution. We are delighted to be a force for good.”

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