20MW Scottish hydrogen production project receives £9.4m UK Government funding

20MW Scottish hydrogen production project receives £9.4m UK Government funding

A Scottish 20MW hydrogen production and storage project has received £9.4m ($12.6m) from the UK Government to enhance the project’s capabilities and accelerate its development.

Revealed today (Nov 22), the Whitelee Windfram project, being developed by ScottishPower, BOC and ITM Power, will use the funding to implement a 10MW electrolyser into the project as well as develop four tonne storage capabilities.

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The first phase of the project will see the development of a 20MW facility that will be situated at the Whitelee Wind Farm near Glasgow and recognised as the UK’s largest onshore wind farm, ITM Power said.

ITM Power has also said that the project is designed to provide carbon-free transport and clean air for communities, mainly through the use of hydrogen, with Glasgow tipped to become the first net-zero city in the UK by 2030.

This will be achieved with the project to supply hydrogen to the commercial market by the end of 2023 allowing for competitive prices for hydrogen as well as a rich ecosystem.

Barry Carruthers Hydrogen Director at ScottishPower, said, “Now COP26 has ended, we need to continue to move forward, taking action to invest in the clean, green energy the UK needs to reach Net Zero.

“As Principal Partner for the conference we welcome this investment in a blend of renewable electricity generation and green hydrogen production promises to highlight the multiple ways in which society can decarbonise by using these technologies here and now.”

Jim Mercer, Business President at BOC UK & Ireland said, “The Green Hydrogen for Glasgow project is both innovative and exciting. It will help to shape the future of energy storage and demonstrate the value of hydrogen to Scotland’s growing low-carbon economy.

“This project will accelerate development across multiple disciplines – from production and storage, to transportation and end use.”

Graham Cooley, CEO of ITM Power, said, “We are very pleased to be a partner in Green Hydrogen for Scotland and this first project, Green Hydrogen for Glasgow, will see the deployment of the largest electrolyser to date in the UK.”

To further discuss the potential of the project, Dr. Graham Cooley spoke exclusively to H2 View. Cooley said, “We have announced today the first 10MW PEM electrolyser of this 20MW project which will be built by ITM Power in Sheffield in our Gigafactory. The project also includes four tonnes of hydrogen storage.

“This project demonstrates the use of green hydrogen as a long duration energy storage medium. We’re able to store the hydrogen produced by the 10MW electrolyser, for 24 hours. So that’s the key importance of the project.”

Cooley also expanded on the next phase of the project and how the second phase includes adding an additional 10MW electrolyser on site whilst also revealing what the hydrogen will be used for.

“Phase 2 will see the installation of a second 10MW electrolyser to take the overall size of the electrolysis to 20MWs in size, and the stored hydrogen will be used for vehicle refuelling” Cooley told H2 View.

“We are in the process of securing the demand for the green hydrogen and are in discussions with fleet operators and vehicle OEMs.

“There are a whole variety of different vehicles which are possible. It could be either garbage or street cleaning trucks, delivery small vans, lorries or buses. All of these vehicles are potential users of the green hydrogen.”

Cooley also hinted that Phase 2 could also see an expansion in the hydrogen energy storage however this will be driven by the demand for hydrogen. “It depends on how much demand there is for the hydrogen. That would be an option, however four tonnes of storage is a very significant energy store. The second phase is based on expanding the electrolysis.”

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