24-hour hydrogen car rally to culminate at 20th f-cell

24-hour hydrogen car rally to culminate at 20th f-cell

Teams with hydrogen cars will once again rack up kilometres and complete tasks for points as part of the 24-hour Hydrogen Challenge.

A cooperation between f-cell Stuttgart and Fast Concepts Netherlands, the race across Germany and Switzerland will help raise public awareness of hydrogen and fuel cell technology in the automotive sector and culminate at the 20th f-cell in Stuttgart.

At this year’s f-cell, experts and company representatives will gather to discuss current international developments and markets.

The event’s interactive format offers an ideal platform for experts and newcomers to establish, discuss and build sustainable business relationships.

f-cell consists of a conference, interactive workshops, an evening event with award ceremony and an international trade fair. It will be held in Stuttgart on 29th-30th September.

“This year’s theme, Energising Hydrogen Markets, is about optimising generation, helping the technology to break through, and protecting the climate in the long term,” said Peter Sauber, founder of f-cell.

The sister event of f-cell Stuttgart, Canada’s f-cell+HFC is taking place for the second time, on 9th-10th September.

Similar to the specialist event in Stuttgart, participants from research and industry will grow their networks while becoming acquainted with the latest products and services.

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