65 heavy-duty trucks to be converted to hydrogen in British Columbia; Hydra Energy to build a new hydrogen station

65 heavy-duty trucks to be converted to hydrogen in British Columbia; Hydra Energy to build a new hydrogen station

A fleet of 65 heavy-duty trucks will switch from diesel to hydrogen in Northeastern British Columbia, Canada, with support from the Province’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS).

Believed to reduce emissions by 67 tonnes of carbon dioxide per truck per year, the conversion will see the trucks utilise technology to allow them to use 40% hydrogen fuel.

Hydra Energy is playing a vital role in supporting the vehicles, having received $1.9m of LCFS credits to build a new hydrogen fuelling station which will serve the trucks, once operational in early 2023.

Commenting on the move, Bruce Ralston, Minister of Energy, Mines and Low Carbon Innovation, said, “By working with hydrogen suppliers and the trucking industry, we’re hauling BC toward a low-carbon future. Hydrogen fuels allow us to reduce emissions in our transportation sector.

“This project demonstrates BC’s hydrogen opportunity, helps a business realise fuel cost savings and accelerates our transition to a cleaner economy.”

The move is a step in the right direction as the province awaits its forthcoming hydrogen strategy, which will provide a roadmap for how the province can be a world leader in the production, use and export of renewable and low-carbon hydrogen.

Jessica Verhagen, CEO, Hydra Energy, commented, “Hydra is proud to be in British Columbia, an ideal jurisdiction for the development of low-carbon hydrogen. We hope to see BC’s approach replicated in Canada’s forthcoming clean fuel standard.”

ndustry welcomes the Canadian Hydrogen Strategy

“It’s been said for decades that hydrogen’s moment is just around the corner, and I am happy to say that hydrogen’s moment has arrived,” Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources, Seamus O’Regan, said less than 24 hours ago when he officially launched the Canadian Hydrogen Strategy.

Joining 31 other countries in recognising the critical role of hydrogen in the energy transition, it’s a magnificent move for the country, and one which will help it achieve its goals of becoming net-zero by 2050, create thousands of jobs and position Canada to become a world leading supplier of hydrogen technologies.

Of course, all cannot be achieved without the support of key players in the industry, along with the wider population, as the country hopes to drive this green change.

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