8GW hydrogen production project in Australia receives lead agency status

8GW hydrogen production project in Australia receives lead agency status

HyEnergy, a project aiming to generate around 60,000 tonnes of green hydrogen with a 8GW capacity, has been awarded a lead agency status by the Western Australian Government.

Unveiled today (Dec 20), the award officially recognises the development as a significant project that could help promote hydrogen production not only within the state but across Australia.

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The project is additionally said to be progressing well with Province Resources, developers of the project, revealing that scoping studies into the 8GW development are close to completion.

With the project set to be developed on the West coast of Australia, the project significant potential has seen it identified as a key project for hydrogen exports to Asian and global markets.

This could turn Western Australia into a hub for hydrogen production and a key region for the global hydrogen value chain.

Alannah MacTiernan, Hydrogen Industry Minister for the Western Australia Government, said, “The Lead Agency Status recognises the very real significance of Province’s HyEnergy Project as we position WA as a global renewable hydrogen force.

“This will deliver to the project access to coordinated and streamlined Government support. We look forward to continuing to work with Province on this opportunity for the Gascoyne region and for our State.”

David Frances, Managing Director of Province Resources, said, “The formal appointment of the Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation as lead agency will provide significant assistance in obtaining government approvals.

“The decision also elevates the status of the HyEnergy Project as a significant development for the State, and one which will make a major economic contribution to the Gascoyne region and beyond.

“We are thrilled with the support the HyEnergy Project is receiving from our major stakeholders as we progress this important green energy development.”

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