AES-100 to develop and commercialise green hydrogen home power units in North America

AES-100 to develop and commercialise green hydrogen home power units in North America

Aberdeen International has revealed today (Jan 10) that its portfolio company AES-100 has successfully initiated design and development of a green hydrogen home power unit capable of revolutionising green power production.

In providing green hydrogen-based power for clean energy within North American households, the innovative technology could be a gamechanger in the housing market and provide a basis to further decarbonise everyday lives.

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A unique factor with the home power unit is that there is no need for it to be scaled into the megawatt ranges with a few kilowatts capable of powering the majority of the home’s units.

The units are also said to be much quicker to develop and thus this will make it much cheaper and quicker to distribute the green hydrogen into households.

To rapidly scale the technology, AES will focus on commercialisation in states such as California, US, where, according to the company, excess green electricity is routinely curtailed which proves expensive for taxpayers.

The technology being developed by AES could provide a basis to bridge the daytime excess green electricity and the evening shortage where solar energy becomes less available.

In addition to this, implementing green hydrogen into households stabilise the power grid to permit greater penetration of renewables such as solar and wind.

Chris Younger, CEO of Aberdeen, said, “As a major shareholder of AES-100, we like this fast-track approach to bring AES technology from research to reality sooner. It promises earlier return on our investment at lower risk.

“We are very excited to see an accelerated path to commercialisation.”


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