Agfa joins the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance

Agfa joins the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance

Digital imaging company Agfa today said it has joined the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance.

The Belgian company is a globally recognised expert supplier of separator membranes for advanced alkaline electrolysis, a key component in the production of hydrogen.

The European Clean Hydrogen Alliance was established by the European Commission within the context of its EU Hydrogen Strategy launched on 8th July.

This strategy attributes a role of major importance to the production of green hydrogen powered by renewable energy to achieve climate neutrality in Europe by 2050.

The European Clean Hydrogen Alliance brings together all stakeholders in the hydrogen value chain, including industry actors, national and regional governments, civil society, investors as well as research and technology organisations. With its investment and projects program, the Alliance will support the deployment of green hydrogen production, application demand and distribution.

For more than 10 years, Agfa said it has helped furthering the hydrogen production through the supply of advanced alkaline electrolysis membranes, branded ZIRFON, that feature outstanding efficiency and durability.

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