Air Products set to supply liquid hydrogen for 20 Go-Ahead hydrogen buses in the UK
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Air Products set to supply liquid hydrogen for 20 Go-Ahead hydrogen buses in the UK

Air Products is set to partner with Go-Ahead to provide a fleet of 20 hydrogen fuel cell buses that will be deployed in Crawley, Horley, and the Gatwick Airport areas of the UK.

As part of the 15-year supply deal, Air Products will deliver liquid hydrogen to fuel Metrobus’ new hydrogen vehicles helping to contribute to the decarbonisation of British transport.

The buses that will be supplied will be the Wrightbus manufactured GB Kite Hydroliner which will be expected to be delivered in June 2022.

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The liquid hydrogen will be used to refuel the vehicles and provide the necessary infrastructure to support the growing fleet of hydrogen fuel cell buses.

As well as this, this first delivery of hydrogen fuel cell buses will support Go-Ahead’s target of transitioning to a zero-emission bus fleet across the UK by 2035.

Christian Schreyer, Group Chief Executive of Go-Ahead Group, said, “This is our first hydrogen supply deal, and it represents a milestone in our plans to transition Go-Ahead’s entire fleet of buses to zero emission fuel.

“We’re delighted to be working with Air Products and with Wrightbus. This is an example of what can be achieved through a mixture of public and private funding, and of co-operation between different environmentally responsible partners.”

Manish Patel, UK Hydrogen for Mobility Director at Air Products, said, “We’re pleased to be partnering with Go-Ahead and Metrobus on the largest hydrogen supply contract for buses in the UK to date. It’s a huge milestone in the UK’s hydrogen for mobility sector.

“At Air Products, we’ve been involved in more than 13 million hydrogen vehicle fills across the world and have extensive experience over the last 60 years in delivering reliable end-to-end hydrogen solutions, from production to distribution and fuelling stations.

“Our innovative and unique solutions will provide Metrobus the infrastructure to not only fuel their initial fleet but allow for rapid expansion without additional footprint or cost.”

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