Aker Solutions and Dossan Babcock look to secure multiple hydrogen contracts in the UK

Aker Solutions and Dossan Babcock look to secure multiple hydrogen contracts in the UK

A newly formed partnership is focused on winning new contracts for hydrogen production plants in the UK.

Aker Solutions and Dossan Babcock today (25th March) inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to solidify its goals. On top of the MoU, the company’s also established a team that will focus on the project moving forward.

The collaboration is hot on the heels of many other hydrogen-related activity announced for the UK in the last couple of weeks, including the launch of a green bond, £20m to revolutionise the country’s shipping with the introduction of hydrogen-powered vessels and much more.

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Commenting on the partnership, Kjetel Digre, CEO of Aker Solutions, said, “The joint offer from Aker Solutions and Doosan Babcock provides the customers with an offer to deliver complete, sustainable energy facilities based on the proven track record of both companies.”

“This is also an important step for our objective to grow within projects related to the energy transition, and for our strategy to establish business models with solid partners where this can add value.”

As well as hydrogen production plants, the duo will also look at opportunities for carbon capture and storage facilities.

Sharing Digre’s enthusiasm, Andrew Colquhoun, CEO of Doosan Babcock, said, “This strategic agreement enables both companies to work together in a highly integrated manner, to pursue some of the largest and most exciting low-carbon projects in the UK.”

“We are already a key contractor for the world’s largest full-scale carbon capture and storage project, and we are currently engaged in early-phase work for customers with plans for new hydrogen projects.”

“Built on the established expertise and capabilities we have, we see exciting opportunities to build more industrial activities in the UK,” Digre concluded.

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