Arena Innovation talks GreenH2Danube project and Mission Innovation award

Arena Innovation talks GreenH2Danube project and Mission Innovation award

German business management consultant Arena Innovation is pioneering a project that aims to establish business environment and competence clusters in Europe’s Danube region, and digitally interconnect them to enable fuel cells and hydrogen knowledge and technology sharing.

Arena Innovation’s CEO Hans Marius Schuster has also been hailed a Mission Innovation Champion, a programme which recognises and supports exceptional researchers and innovators who are developing novel ways of making energy cleaner, cheaper and more reliable, and using it more efficiently.

Arena Innovation combines the advantages of clean energy solutions with digitisation under its proprietary Digital Single Hydrogen-Society Platform by means of the ready-made IT-Tool Be-Circle for planning and simulating a circular economy.

“My goal is to establish a so-called ‘Digital Single Hydrogen-Society Platform’ to foster the energy transition and true international collaboration beyond technical, political and geographical borders. As a Mission Innovation Champion, the impact of my vision will definitely increase significantly,” Schuster said.


Addressing European decarbonisation targets requires technologies that reduce energy consumption and emissions whilst fully harnessing the potential of renewable energies.

For Arena Innovation, fuel cell and hydrogen technologies constitute a significant opportunity to substitute fossil fuels in transport, energy and industrial sectors.

According to the company, these technologies are well developed in the upper Danube region, but completely missing in the middle and lower Danube region.

“As these technologies are now entering the market, a transnational cooperation from public and private partners in the entire Danube macro region is necessary to trigger large-scale deployment for the creation of a sustainable and green hydrogen society,” Schuster said.

GreenH2Danube aims to foster transnational cooperation and create new synergies in all relevant sectors.

Themes such as education and training, communication at the interface of government, industry and science, public relations in order to raise the public awareness of these technologies and implementation of EU Directive 2014/94/EU on the development of alternative fuels infrastructure (CPT) complement the project’s general objectives.

The projects core output is to promote regional and transnational cooperation among all riparian states in order to create new qualified jobs in the clean energy and transportation sectors.

It will initiate and evaluate projects and bundle these in an appropriate manner – for example in terms of geographic regions and/or thematic aspects – in order to exploit the potential to achieve as many synergies as possible.

The innovative character of this project idea is the creation of a so-called ‘Digital Single Hydrogen-Society Platform’, which combines the advantages of green hydrogen from renewable electricity sources with the aspect of digitisation in order to help kick-start the EU industry to achieve the EU climate goals.

The objective is to launch large-scale industrial projects, possibly in the form of an IPCEI (important project of common European interest) on hydrogen. Preparations for the first sub-projects have begun but more projects are expected.

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