Australian Hydrogen Council announces new hydrogen partnerships

Australian Hydrogen Council announces new hydrogen partnerships

Hot on the heels of the announcement about its collaboration with the Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association (CHFCA), the Australian Hydrogen Council has today revealed a further four new partnerships with industry bodies in a bid to fast track deployment of hydrogen technologies.

Bioenergy Australia, the Clean Energy Coucil, the Asia-Pacific Hydrogen Association and the New Zealand Hydrogen Association have all signed Memorandum of Understandings (MoUs) with the AHC to collaborate on hydrogen issues, share information and facilitate project partnerships.

These new partnerships are in addition to AHC’s existing MoUs with CHFCA, H2Korea, Energy Networks Australia and the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries, the AHC said.

AHC CEO Dr. Fiona Simon said that collaborating with national and international partners is vital, particularly at this stage of the emerging hydrogen industry.

“Members of the AHC are leading hydrogen projects that will revolutionise how we produce and use energy for generations to come,” she said.

“We need local and international partnerships to grow the global hydrogen industry, and to meet Australia’s own goal to be a major hydrogen exporter and get to ‘H2 under 2’.”

“These MoUs will help the AHC stay connected to – and work with – other related industries, which will increase Australia’s access to global research and relevant insights.”

“Both the APAC region and Canada are home to incredible hydrogen research and developing industries. Working together, we can share policy and technology options that will help fast track industry development.”

“Australia needs to be ready to take advantage of this opportunity provided by hydrogen to transform the economy, and part of this involves sharing knowledge with our national and international counterparts.”

Michael Helleman, Head of Energy and New Energy Technologies (a/g), at Austrade, commented, “Given the potential of hydrogen to generate jobs and growth, Austrade has prioritised support for activities seeking to attract productive foreign direct investment and bring new technology into the sector.”

“The work of the Australian Hydrogen Council and its members in growing international partnerships in the sector will be of key importance in accelerating the growth of the hydrogen industry.”

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