Axpo, ABB explore the hydrogen opportunity in Italy

Axpo, ABB explore the hydrogen opportunity in Italy

Axpo and ABB have joined forces to explore the entire green hydrogen supply chain in Italy.

The two companies today (June 9) formalised such plans with a letter of intent (LOI), through which they plan to combine innovative, technological and visionary skills to help develop several hydrogen projects and initiatives in the country.

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In order to deliver on the above, the duo will develop a pilot project through which they will research technologies along the entire green hydrogen supply chain and carry out production feasibility tests.

Unveiling details of its hydrogen-focused plans for the region, Axpo said its agreement with ABB will help to further expand on its hydrogen sector activities and supports its recently announced collaboration with RINA, a specialist in energy, infrastructure, mobility and industry.

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Reaffirming the company’s commitment to hydrogen, Simone Rodolfi, Axpo Italia’s Head of Origination & Business Development, said, “We are fully committed to exploring the potential of green hydrogen as part of our strategy to facilitate the energy transition.

“In line with the international activities of Axpo Group, in Italy we believe it is essential to work with those who share our innovative skills, medium to long-term technological vision, and great ambition.

“There has been much collaboration between Axpo and ABB in recent years and today’s agreement reinforces that relationship, enabling both companies to become important players in this promising segment.”

Sergio Durando, Head of ABB Energy Industries Italia, added, “Hydrogen offers a concrete solution for the decarbonisation of industrial processes and economic sectors where the reduction of CO2 emissions is both urgent and difficult to achieve.

“The initiation of this agreement with Axpo, with whom we have a long-standing collaboration, is a first step in exploring the potential of green hydrogen in Italy. We believe it is very important to collaborate with other players in the industry to make the transition to a clean energy future a reality.”

ABB: Scaling up fuel cells for shipping’s greener future

©ABB / H2 View

Accelerating efforts in developing fuel cell technologies capable of powering ocean-going vessels, ABB signed a Memorandum of Understanding with hydrogen specialist Hydrogène de France (HDF) last month, with the intent to jointly manufacture megawatt-scale fuel cell systems.

Building on an existing collaboration announced on in June 2018 with Ballard Power Systems, the leading global provider of proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell solutions, ABB and HDF intend to optimise fuel cell manufacturing capabilities to produce a megawatt-scale power plant for marine vessels.

Ballard was quick to congratulate ABB and HDF on the announcement and here in an exclusive with H2 View, ABB sheds more light on the system to be manufactured at HDF’s new facility in Bordeaux, France and the wider movement of scaling up fuel cells for shipping’s greener future.

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