Bramble Energy, MAHLE Powertrain to install a hydrogen fuel cell into a Renault Kangoo ZE
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Bramble Energy, MAHLE Powertrain to install a hydrogen fuel cell into a Renault Kangoo ZE

MAHLE Powertrain and Bramble Energy will collaborate to install a novel printed circuitboard hydrogen fuel cell (PCBFC) into a Renault Kangoo ZE.

The unique PCB fuel cell technology has already been implemented into a range of air-cooled applications and, through this project, the technology will demonstrate the technology’s potential in the mobility sector.

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By utilising the hydrogen fuel cell in a light-commercial vehicle, the project could increase awareness for the technology for this sector and thus accelerate the adoption of the vehicles.

This first demonstrator automotive vehicle is expected to be premiered later this year.

Jonathan Hall, Head of Research & Advanced Engineering Projects at MAHLE Powertrain, said, “We are delighted to be involved in this exciting new project with Bramble Energy. The use of fuel cells in light commercial EVs makes a lot of sense where access to hydrogen refuelling is readily available.

“The latest PCB fuel cell technology developed by Bramble provides a higher power density which is well suited to typical delivery vehicle duty cycles.

“MAHLE Powertrain has supported this project with our expertise in EV control system and cooling systems development combined with our experience in vehicle systems integration.”

Tom Mason, CEO and CTO of Bramble Energy, said, “Bramble Energy are thrilled to be working with MAHLE Powertrain to deliver our PCB fuel cell powered demonstrator vehicle.

“This is one of Bramble Energy’s most significant milestones to date and we couldn’t have a better partner than MAHLE Powertrain to help execute it.”

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