Brazil will be one of the ‘great hydrogen players’

A consistent industry, benign weather conditions and strong domestic market will ensure Brazil is one of the ‘great hydrogen players’, generating growth for suppliers even at times of international adversity, according to Unigel shareholder Leo Slezynger.

He will be promoting Brazil’s potential at two events at COP27 this week, in a discussion on green hydrogen on Wednesday and separate panel discussion on Thursday.

Located in the Camaçari Industrial Complex (BA), Unigel’s new green hydrogen plant, in its first phase, will have a production capacity of 10,000 tonnes of green hydrogen a year, and 60,000 tonnes annually of green ammonia, aimed at the domestic market, when it opens at the end of 2023. In the second phase, scheduled to go into operation by 2025, the company is expected to quadruple the production of both.

The company – one of the largest chemical companies in Latin America and the largest manufacturer of nitrogen fertilisers in Brazil – is investing $120 million (BRL 650 million), during the first phase, and incorporating leading technology for high-efficiency electrolysis from thyssenkrupp nucera in Germany.

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