British Columbia: 5MW hydrogen plant to support station network and decarbonise local gas grid
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British Columbia: 5MW hydrogen plant to support station network and decarbonise local gas grid

A new 5MW electrolytic hydrogen production plant is set to support HTEC’s network of hydrogen fuelling stations and decarbonise local gas grid use in British Columbia.

The news broke today (20th April), with HTEC announcing a collaboration with Mitsui’s Canadian subsidiary for the effort.

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Together, the partnership hopes to meet the increasing market demand for green hydrogen produced by electrolysis British Columbia.

“Partnerships make what we do possible,” said Colin Armstrong, CEO of HTEC. “Hydrogen is part of the solution on the global path to a zero emission future, in transportation, industry, homes, and our workplaces.”

“HTEC and Mitsui are aligned in our commitment to developing a renewable hydrogen value chain in North America and this project is a great first step in what I hope will become a long and successful relationship.”

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“We are expanding our partnerships with strategic players like HTEC who shares the common goal of decarbonisation.” added Sayu Ueno, Chief Operating Officer of the Americas Business Unit of Mitsui.

“Developing clean energy projects with companies like HTEC supports the strategic focus of our medium-term management plan 2023 and moves us towards our company-wide commitment to play our part in creating a low-carbon, globally sustainable society.”

Want to know more about HTEC’s hydrogen station network?

Just last month H2 View spoke exclusively with Colin Armstrong, HTEC’s CEO, to find out more about the company’s effort to drive down the cost of hydrogen in British Columbia.


Colin Armstrong attributed this to the work HTEC is doing with governments on policies and programmes so hydrogen can be priced competitively with gasoline and diesel.

“We know we must get it down further for heavy-duty and transit operations; the higher volumes associated with these applications will help,” he told H2 View.

HTEC currently operates four stations in British Columbia, which has the largest hydrogen fuelling network in Canada, in Vancouver, Burnaby, North Vancouver and Vancouver Island. The Canadian firm has plans for five more stations that will be open in the next one to two years.

Read the full exclusive here.

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