CaixaBank joins the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance

CaixaBank joins the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance

CaixaBank has joined the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance as the company aims to expand its green portfolio and support innovative new technologies such as hydrogen.

The main goal of the alliance is to promote and develop the production for renewable hydrogen as a catalyst for decarbonising areas such as transport, industry and other economic sectors.

Hydrogen holds significant promise and potential in doing just that.

The European Clean Hydrogen Alliance is a part of the European Commission’s hydrogen road map, which seeks to mobilise resources to develop an investment agenda to reach agreed climate targets.

Among these, is €2.6bn ($2.93bn) that will be allocated to projects to produce, distribute, and utilise renewable hydrogen, which will generate over five million jobs and reduce CO2 emissions by 560 MT a year.

This initiative brings together industry, agencies, national and local government entities, civil society, and other stakeholders.

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