California: Petition calls on Gov. Newsom to invest in hydrogen fuelling infrastructure

California: Petition calls on Gov. Newsom to invest in hydrogen fuelling infrastructure

A new petition has called on Governor Gavin Newsom to invest in further hydrogen fuelling infrastructure to ensure that hydrogen is a key part of California’s clean energy future.

Launched by the California Hydrogen Coalition, the petition wants 200 signatures to help secure the commitment for hydrogen infrastructure.

“We are close to securing funding for 1,000 hydrogen fuelling stations but to get us across the finish line, we need your help,” the petition page reads.

Asking for support, the Coalition wants those that are looking to support to do the following:

“First: Please sign this petition asking Governor Newsom to invest in hydrogen fuelling infrastructure.”

Second: Through our twitter account, @hydrogenCA, we are going to start recognising and thanking the lawmakers who are stepping up in Sacramento on hydrogen. These legislators love and need public support so let’s try and give it to them for all the help they’re giving us.”

“As we call out legislators for signing on in support of hydrogen this week, please take a moment to like and share! Ask your friends and family, too. Let’s show them all we are here, driving clean but we need stations!!”

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The petition follows a letter sent to Governor Newsom, from 25 multi-national companies, asking for new investments to the hydrogen infrastructure as part of a zero-emission vehicle plan in California.

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FirstElement Fuel: Policy is everything when it comes to rolling out hydrogen stations

© FirstElement Fuel

FirstElement Fuel is achieving $12 per kilogram at its newer liquid-based hydrogen refuelling stations in California, US – and the station developer told H2 View it sees a pathway to getting below $10 over the next few years.

Of the 45 retail hydrogen stations open in California today, 24 are operated by FirstElement Fuel and the company has plans to have 80 stations open by 2025.

“The cost per kilogram is coming down, especially at our newer stations which are designed for higher capacity and use liquid hydrogen for delivery and storage,” Shane Stephens, founder and Chief Development Officer at FirstElement Fuel, told H2 View.

“Initially our stations used compressed gaseous hydrogen for delivery and storage, and we found that in practice it is very challenging to become cost competitive with that model.  That was a valuable lesson learned.”

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