Capstone joins Renewable Hydrogen Alliance

Capstone joins Renewable Hydrogen Alliance

Policy analysis and regulatory due diligence firm Capstone has joined the Renewable Hydrogen Alliance (RHA).

With locations in Washington, London and Sydney, Capstone’s work focuses on analysing the intersection of business, government policy, and environmental, social and governance (ESG) stakeholders to uncover risks, opportunities, and unique investment strategies for clients.

Capstone has established leading coverage of policy, regulatory, and ESG issues across the energy, healthcare, financial services, and technology sectors.

RHA promotes using renewable electricity to produce climate-neutral hydrogen and other energy-intensive products to supplant fossil fuel consumption.

Ken Dragoon, Executive Director of RHA, is a man well known in the Northwestern US for his passionate advocacy for renewable hydrogen development.

About a million years ago, Dragoon’s own words, he got a master’s degree in physics with hydrogen – the number one element on the periodic table, the simplest of all elements – holding a special place in his heart.

But Dragoon’s long-standing passion was never about hydrogen or the ‘hydrogen economy’, it’s been to leave the planet better off than when he got here.

“I’ve always looked for areas where I could use what talent I have to push ahead in support of this goal,” he told H2 View.

“Since climate change is the challenge of our times, and solar and wind power have become keys to addressing it, that’s where I’ve focused my attention.”

“When I realised renewable hydrogen could play such an important role, that’s what I became passionate about; and when I saw the huge progress in Europe, virtually unknown among my US peers, the way forward seemed clear.”

Dragoon formed the RHA in 2018. If you missed our interview with him about the formation of the RHA, the crucial bills passed in the State of Washington and the potential for hydrogen in the Northwest, read it again here.

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