Chereau and Energy Observer announce partnership

Chereau and Energy Observer announce partnership

Chereau has embarked on a three-year partnership with the first hydrogen vessel to sail around the world, Energy Observer.

The Normandy-based automaker is committed to the industrialisation and marketing of refrigerated hydrogen vehicles and engages in the promotion of the hydrogen sector in France.

Chereau is making progress in setting up its production structure for hydrogen vehicles via a technical partnership and is continuing operational tests via a partnership with Delanchy Group, a main partner of Energy Observer.

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The Chereau Hydrogen Power H2 refrigerated semi-trailer produces its cold without CO2 or particle emissions (the only emission being water vapor), with completely silent operation and an operating mode that does not change customer habits because the hydrogen recharge takes only ten minutes.

Through its partnership with Energy Observer, Chereau will continue its efforts to deploy concrete systems that offer an alternative to fossil fuels.

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