CHFCA President and CEO opens f-cell+HFC 2020

CHFCA President and CEO opens f-cell+HFC 2020

“2020 is the year that the decade of hydrogen energy really begins. In fact, it’s when the era of hydrogen energy begins,” said Mark Kirby, President and CEO of the Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association (CHFCA), as he just opened f-cell+HFC 2020.

“Some of us were around in the late 1990s and early 2000s when there was excitement, perhaps exuberance about fuel cells.”

“It was an amazing time for a nascent industry, but this is quite different. Today, we have governments and industry that are committed to net zero 2050 and recognise that hydrogen energy is an essential part of the solution.”

“They understand that hydrogen energy is a choice that must be available to industry and to individuals as they look to decarbonise their operations and their lives.”

“Today we have companies that have over the past two decades developed hydrogen and fuel cell products that are durable, robust and cost effective.”

“Today you have companies with the growing ability to produce low cost, low carbon, even negative carbon intensity hydrogen from fossil fuels, nucleur power, hydro power and renewables. In fact from any energy source.”

“That combination means that hydrogen and fuel cell applications are ready for commercialisation, ready to provide a strong business case, develop seamlessly into operations and to provide excellent performance and reliability.”

The Covid-19 pandemic has meant the format for f-cell+HFC is a little different this year, with delegates tuning in from home or the office to watch the conference digitally, rather than gathering in Vancouver at the Vancouver Convention Centre.

But the ongoing health crisis hasn’t stopped organisers Peter Sauber Agentur from putting on a good show. Over the next two days, 60 speakers are set to take to the virtual stage to discuss a range of topics including Canada’s vision for hydrogen, hydrogen fuel cells in ports and maritime, the role of utilities in a hydrogen economy and women in hydrogen.

As f-cell+HFC’s preferred contributing media partner, we’re bringing you live coverage of the event.

Referencing Covid-19, Kirby said, “I think we can all agree that this has been an extraordinary year. Whilst it’s good morning from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, it might be good afternoon or good evening wherever you are because of course this is a digital conference, with delegates joining from all parts of the world.”

The Opening Plenary continues now with presentations from Canadian Natural Resources Minister Seamus O’Regan; Jürgen Rechberger, Global Head of Fuel Cell at AVL List; and Dr. David Hart, Director of E4tech. Stay tuned for H2 View’s recap.

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