Colorado’s first public hydrogen station unveiled

Colorado’s first public hydrogen station unveiled

Plans for Colorado’s first public hydrogen refuelling station have been unveiled.

Colorado State University’s Energy Institution yesterday announced that it has acquired the electrolyser station which will generate hydrogen on-site by splitting water molecules using electricity.

To be located at the Powerhouse Energy Campus on North College Avenue in Fort Collins, the station will be used to teach and train students in hydrogen technology and will allow researchers to gather cost and operational data that can inform future station deployment in the state.

The station will also support deployment of FCEVs and a variety of research projects.

Bryan Willson, Executive Director of the energy Institute and Co-Founder of the Colorado Hydrogen Network, said, “The Powerhouse hydrogen station represents a major advancement in our goal to promote the environmental and economic benefits of hydrogen and fuel cell technology for both transportation and large-scale power systems.”

“We will be able to use the station to conduct research on hydrogen fuel cell technology and hydrogen combustion, provide hands-on learning opportunities for students, and serve as a resource for the state of Colorado and the general public in research, testing and deployment of hydrogen-fuelled vehicle and hydrogen energy systems.”

The acquired station was operating in Washington, D.C., and scheduled to be decommissioned.

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