Construction begins at Southern Australian hydrogen production facility

Construction begins at Southern Australian hydrogen production facility

Construction has today started at Australian Gas Networks’ $11.4m hydrogen production facility located at the Tonsley Innovation District, South of Adelaide.

A ground-breaking ceremony was held at the Hydrogen Park SA site to formally mark the construction start-up, following the Southern Australian Government’s approval last month.

“This is a significant milestone in South Australia for hydrogen in Australia,” said Ben Wilson, Australian Gas Networks’ CEO.

“At Hydrogen Park SA we will be building a 1.25MW electrolyser as the first Australian demonstration project of its scale and size, with small quantities of renewable hydrogen produced and blended into the local gas distribution network next year.”

“This will enable residents in parts of the Adelaide suburb of Mitchell Park, to become Southern Australia’s first natural gas customers to receive a blended 5% renewable gas – a combination of natural gas and renewable hydrogen.”

Using a 1.25MW proton exchange membrane electrolyser, renewable electricity will be used to split water into oxygen and hydrogen. The renewable hydrogen will then be blended with natural gas and supplied to customers in the Southern areas of Mitchell.

“The decarbonisation challenge is huge, and many solutions are needed for Australia to meet its emission reduction targets, and that includes gas stepping up to play its part.”

“Developing the hydrogen economy will also play a key role and the momentum around hydrogen is building with burgeoning research and development underway.”

“Commercial hydrogen production is achievable and can decarbonise Australia’s energy mix while at the same time accessing export markets.”

“When burnt, hydrogen does not release any carbon emissions, only water and heat so it is essentially just another gas we can use in place of, or blended with, natural gas to provide energy and heat. Customers receive the blended 5% renewable gas well not notice any difference in their gas supply.”

Australian Gas Networks is actively pursuing additional hydrogen projects with hopes to blend more hydrogen into its Australian networks.

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