COP26: Over 40 world leaders commit to making renewable and low carbon hydrogen globally available by 2030

COP26: Over 40 world leaders commit to making renewable and low carbon hydrogen globally available by 2030

Over 40 International world leaders have today (Nov 12) backed the Glasgow Breakthrough Agenda presented at COP26 which includes a specific pillar focus on hydrogen.

Presented by UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the agenda will see countries and businesses coordinate and strengthen climate action each year to dramatically scale and speed up the development and deployment of clean technologies.

Included within the five main pillars is hydrogen with a set aim to deliver affordable renewable and low carbon hydrogen which is globally available by 2030.

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The primary aim of the agenda is to make clean technologies more affordable, accessible and attractive for all around the world in each of the most polluting sectors by 2030.

This could provide a significant boost to the hydrogen ecosystem, with world leaders committing to this aim, investors could now pour funds into developing the technology capabilities to make this availability viable.

It is believed that the first five breakthroughs could add over $16 trillion across emerging and advanced economies.

Boris Johnson said “By making clean technology the most affordable, accessible and attractive choice, the default go-to in what are currently the most polluting sectors, we can cut emissions right around the world.

“The Glasgow Breakthroughs will turbocharge this forward, so that by 2030 clean technologies can be enjoyed everywhere, not only reducing emissions but also creating more jobs and greater prosperity.

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