COP27: Public and private financing levers for green hydrogen discussed

Coming as one of the key themes of COP27, the Hydrogen Transition Summit in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt turned its attention to the funding and investment opportunities that could forge the way for the hydrogen economy of the future.

With hydrogen subsidies and strategies being announced globally, a panel delved into some of the investment and policy levers that could be pulled to accelerate the up-scaling of hydrogen production and end-uses.

The panel turned to the role that private financing, in particular venture capital could play in the development of the still nascent industry, with Sherif Elkholy, Partner, Head of Middle East & Africa for Infrastructure at Actis telling the summit that once some significant projects are realised, far more investment could follow.

“It wasn’t very long ago that we started investing in the wind and solar markets, which has now become a very core part of sustainable infrastructure investment all over the world,” said Elkholy. “I think we are witnessing the same thing happen on the hydrogen front.”

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