COP27 Water Day places hydrogen under the spotlight

COP27 is marking Water Day as the world confronts the challenges relating to a growing global population, and increased pressures on energy resources and security.

Water underpins every economic and consumer activity, but much like the warnings with fossil fuel consumption, we need to change our ways.  The world faces a 40% global water deficit by 2030 under a business-as-usual scenario, warns the UN.

Hydrogen is unusual in that the industry is in its infancy, but with all the steep growth projections, is there enough water to support a hydrogen economy, in an era when pressures on water have never been greater?

Water is involved throughout the production process, whether as a feedstock, cooling agent for thermoelectric methods of producing hydrogen, such as steam methane reforming, and electrolysis. While most water can be recovered, it is not generally returned to the original body of water and treated as ‘consumed’.

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