COSMHYC XL: Efficient hydrogen compression for large-scale mobility applications

COSMHYC XL: Efficient hydrogen compression for large-scale mobility applications

Hydrogen mobility is one of the most promising solutions for a sustainable energy transition in large-scale transport modes, including trucks, buses, trains and professional vehicle fleets.

For these applications, a dedicated hydrogen refuelling infrastructure is necessary, including hydrogen compressors able to meet challenging constraints in terms of flow rate and availability.

EU-funded project COSMHYC XL is aiming to develop an innovative compression solution for large-scale mobility applications, able to fuel several vehicles in a short period of time, with large quantities of fuel.

It will build on the knowledge gained within sister project COSMHYC, launched in 2017, and enhance the results to apply them to heavy-duty vehicle applications.

COSMHYC XL will develop a solution using a baseload metal hydride compressor, with a high level of reliability, and a new mechanical compressor, enabling very large flow rates.


The project says with its innovative compression solution, COSMHYC XL will contribute to the 2030 Energy Strategy of the European Union by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, air pollution and also noise pollution.

MAHYTEC, Nel Hydrogen, Ludwig-Boelkow-Systemtechnik and Steinbeis 2i, under the coordination of EIFER, will develop the novel compression solution.

The project was launched back in January (2019) and will run until December 2021.

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