Cummins: New technologies on the horizon

Cummins: New technologies on the horizon

On the same day it announced plans to grow its fuel cell and hydrogen business, global power company Cummins yesterday hosted its virtual Hydrogen Day, showcasing its product portfolio and teasing its solid oxide electrolysis technology which is currently in the pre-commercialisation stage.

Yesterday (16th Nov), H2 View shared some of the opening words from Tom Linebarger, Chair and CEO of the Indianapolis-based company when he spoke about the incredible opportunities for the company and the benefits of hydrogen to decarbonise various industries.

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Today, we look back at some of the words from Amy Adams, Vice-President of Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Technologies, as she showed the company’s green product portfolio and discussed some of the industries each product serves.

“We have a strong product portfolio of distinctive technology platforms for both electrolyser systems to produce green hydrogen, and fuel cell systems to power zero emission buses, trucks and trains,” she told the viewers. “Cummins has the unique capability of offer both alkali and PEM systems through our acquisition of Hydrogenics.”

“Cummins has a turnkey containerised high-stat line of pressured alkaline electrolysers. To date, we have more than 500 installations around the world. Both robust and reliable, our alkaline electrolysers are used for onsite hydrogen generation at industrial sites, manufacturing plants and hydrogen fuelling stations.”

“In places where it’s harder to economically deliver hydrogen, like in Russia, Eastern Europe, India and South Africa, these onsite generation systems are a cost-effective alternative. These plants typically produce between 100-750kg of hydrogen a day.”

“Cummins also has a portfolio of PEM electrolysers, which we begun developing over 20 years ago. However, the real market need emerged in 2009 when the interesting green hydrogen accelerated as the world begun to focus on decarbonising the transport and natural gas sectors.”

“Our PEM HyLYZER product line has the highest power density electrolyser stacks and the smallest plant footprint of any electrolyser in the world. In fact, we’re in the process of commission a 20-megawatt HyLYZER for Air Liquide in Bécancour, Canada.”

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Commenting on the developments, Adams explained Cummins works closely with its customers to select the most appropriate electrolyser system for their needs, based on cost, capacity and use.

“A third technology is also on the horizon, solid oxide electrolysis, or SOEC,” she teased. “Although it is still in the pre-commercialisation stage, Cummins has invested in the technology and we continue to make advancements to enhance durability and efficiency. SOEC can be used in the production of synthetic hydrocarbons or other industrial processes with waste heat, that can improve the overall efficiency.”

“Cummins is unique in that our portfolio has both hydrogen production from electrolysis, as well as fuel cells. This enables us to offer a full, differentiated hydrogen solution from start finish, seamlessly integrated for customers.”

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