Demand for blue and green hydrogen in energy transition, says Air Products COO

The scale of the energy transition amid growing energy demand means there is “definitely” room for blue and green hydrogen, according to Dr. Samir Serhan, Chief Operating Officer of Air Products.

Delivering a keynote speech in the Hydrogen Transition Summit at COP27 today, Dr. Serhan said, “Unfortunately there is no switch that we can deflect from gray to green. Hydrogen production paired with carbon capture and sequestration is a natural step, a bridge that will enable us to produce low-carbon hydrogen, at the same time with the scale of the energy transition, and growing energy demand, there is definitely room for blue and green.”

He said the global energy transition is one of our critical issues of our lifetime, and we need to move faster, and more decisive steps are necessary. 

“These steps must be realistic,” he said. “The promise of renewable energy and electrification are real, but they alone cannot accommodate the energy demand of today and the future. This is why hydrogen comes in – it’s the best source of low-carbon energy to address the emissions from sectors that use high-density energy, such as heavy duty vehicles, shipping, planes, steel making and chemicals production.”

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