DOE hosts Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day 2019

DOE hosts Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day 2019

On 8th October (2019) the US Department of Energy (DOE) will bring together scientists and engineers from across the US to celebrate the fifth Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day.

The event aims to raise awareness and also celebrate the advances in hydrogen and fuel cell technologies as they become more and more common across the states.

At present, there are over 25,000 hydrogen fuel cell forklifts in the US. Large-scale hydrogen-use applications are also gaining momentum in America and are illustrated with developments such as the world’s first hydrogen train and aircraft.

In a further effort to support hydrogen and fuel cell technologies, the DOE has its [email protected] concept which explores the potential for wide-scale hydrogen production and utilisation in the US.

[email protected] focuses on affordable and reliable large-scale generation, transport, storage, and utilisation across multiple sectors. In March (2019) a funding opportunity for up to $31m was announced to fund the advancement of the [email protected] concept.

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