Douglas PUD deploys hydrogen innovations for a failsafe power supply

Douglas PUD deploys hydrogen innovations for a failsafe power supply

The Douglas County Public Utility District (Douglas PUD) will utilise a GenCell G5™ hydrogen-fuelled alkaline fuel cell to provide a failsafe, long-duration power supply at its renewable hydrogen production facility.

As well as the GenCell fuel cell innovation, which will run on renewable hydrogen production by PUD, Douglas PUD today (July 15) said it will also deploy the GenCell IoT Remote Manager software to monitor the mission-critical equipment.

Believed to be the first megawatt-scale electrolyser in the Northwestern US, the facility is part of a 5MW pilot project to provide green hydrogen for Washington State at an attractive price. It’s been in the works for several years and is a result of the passage of SB 5588 in Washington last year authorising public utility districts to make and sell hydrogen.

Commenting on the development and the deployment of the new technology, Gary Ivory, General Manager at Douglas PUD, said, “Douglas PUD has always been an innovator in the utility industry. As the state looks toward low and zero emission technologies, our customer-owners want their local PUD to be prepared for the future.

“Part of that preparation includes the ultra-reliable, weather-resistant GenCell G5 electrochemical generator that leverages innovative alkaline fuel cell technology to run on our renewable hydrogen for substation back-up power.”

Welcoming GenCell’s involvement in the major project, Rami Reshef, CEO GenCell Energy, added, “We are extremely excited to be a part of this landmark project and to work with Douglas PUD to scale up the US hydrogen economy.

“Climate conditions are causing utilities across the US to invest in hardening the grid and in many cases, this involves using backup diesel standby generators, which are expensive and environmentally unfriendly.

“We are very proud to supply Douglas PUD with a failsafe hydrogen backup power solution that is fully aligned with their sustainability goals and will enable them to consume the renewable hydrogen produced on-site, at the lowest possible emissions, highest reliability and maximum energy and cost efficiency.”

GenCell fuel cells powering mission-critical projects in the Middle East

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In a world suffering from the increasingly grave impact of climate change caused by greenhouse gas emissions, much of which result from the combustion of fossil fuels, GenCell Energy is working around the clock to develop innovative alkaline fuel cell solutions that offer affordable, clean back-up and off-grid power for humanity to render diesel generators obsolete.

Leveraging ultra-reliable technology that powers spacecrafts, but with patented innovations that have dramatically reduced their costs to make them affordable for mainstream applications, GenCell’s fuel cell offering delivers long-duration, minimal maintenance back-up power for mission-critical applications at utilities, homeland security, healthcare and automated industry facilities.

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