dynaCERT HG2 technology passes school bus trials

dynaCERT HG2 technology passes school bus trials

HG2 HydraGENä Technology, an on-board on-demand hydrogen injection system for diesel engines developed by dynaCERT, has received positive results in a school bus trial in Ontario, Toronto.

Back in July (2019), the HG2 units were installed on two Taylor-brand school buses, each powered by a 6.7L diesel engine from different manufacturers.

Over the two months, carrying out their regular route, the two busses collectively travelled more than 2,000 kilometres during a two-month period.

Results showed that with the on-demand hydrogen injection system on board, the buses achieved an average reduction in fuel consumption of 13.8% and 15.5%, respectively. Nitrogen oxide (NOx) levels were also reduced by 48% and 52%, respectively.

“The opportunity for HydraGENä Technology units to be installed on all types of engines opens the market potential for dynaCERT to be a significant world-wide contributor to the reduction of Greenhouse Gas emissions,” said Robert Maier, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Engineering for dynaCERT.

“When our HydraGENä units include our HydraLytica™ telematics for carbon credit reporting, we can truly provide the transportation industry with a recurring revenue generating device that helps to save the planet.”

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