€4.5m Power-to-gas plant and hydrogen station opens in Brunsbüttel

€4.5m Power-to-gas plant and hydrogen station opens in Brunsbüttel

A €4.5m plant to integrate green hydrogen into Schleswig-Holstein’s natural gas network and a new hydrogen refuelling station have opened in Brunsbüttel – a first for the German state.

Located at Covestro Deutschland’s site, Wind2Gas Energy is the operator of the electrolysis plant, which also supplies the H2 Mobility hydrogen fuelling station with green hydrogen.

Before the hydrogen produced in the power-to-gas plant is fed into the natural gas grid, it is tested in the measuring section to see if it meets the purity and moisture requirements. The gas volume of the hydrogen is also measured.

The hydrogen is then compressed, in two compressors, to the high-pressure natural gas pipeline’s network pressure and fed into it. This redundant design guarantees the system’s requisite 96% availability.

“The facility to integrate hydrogen from wind energy into the gas network is a further important step towards a successful energy transition true to the slogan: from the region –for the region,” says Dr. Joachim Kabs, Chief Technology Officer of Schleswig-Holstein Netz (SH Netz).

“These are the kind of tangible, sector-coupling measures we are taking to achieve a complete energy transition in northern Germany.”

“Feeding hydrogen into the natural gas network represents an important milestone in the energy transition here in the region,” added Tim Brandt, Managing Director of Wind2Gas Energy.

“This integrated approach – production of wind power, conversion of surplus electricity into hydrogen, storage in tanks for the planned hydrogen filling station, and feeding the remaining quantity into the natural gas network – is now being tested and demonstrated at the energy and industrial location of Brunsbüttel.”

The funds for constructing the electrolysis plant will be provided in part by the NEW 4.0 joint project sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, in which 60 partners from Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg are jointly testing the development path to the energy system of the future.

The Brunsbüttel hydrogen filling station is state-of-the-art and comes from Linde. Up to 80 hydrogen cars can be refilled in Brunsbüttel per day.

The filling station is funded with €1.02m from the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) via the National Innovation Programme for Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology (NIP).

The programme is coordinated by NOW GmbH (National Organisation for Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology).

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