Enapter delivers 96 AEM electrolysers to take Wilo HQ off-grid
Enapter delivers 96 AEM electrolysers to take Wilo HQ off-grid

Enapter delivers 96 AEM electrolysers to take Wilo HQ off-grid

Enapter AG has delivered 96 of its anion exchange membrane (AEM) electrolysers to German pump and pump systems provider, Wilo Group in Dortmund, Germany.

Announced on Wednesday (June 8), the delivery comes as part of a cooperation between the companies to produce green hydrogen for the energy supply of Wilo Group’s Wilopark head office in Dortmund.

H2 View understands, the modular electrolyser system, due to be powered by its own solar system, is planned to produce up to 10 tonnes of green hydrogen annually.

Initially, the production system will provide emergency power and main backup supply, with an expansion phase hoping to make the Wilopark entirely self-sufficient.

Sebastian-Justus Schmidt, CEO of Enapter, said, “The cooperation with Wilo will show how green hydrogen can make a significant contribution to decarbonisation in practice, de-centrally and with potential to freely scale.

“We are pleased to realise this flagship project together with Wilo, particularly since their leading pump technology will make them a very important partner in the developing hydrogen industry.”

Last June (2021), Enapter received €9.3m ($11.2m) in funding to develop new machinery for mass production of its electrolysers.

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Enapter’s electrolyser system is said to enable mass hydrogen production cost effectively, at any scale. The system has already been used in countries globally in a range of industries, the company says.


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