ENC introduces next generation of fuel cell buses

ENC introduces next generation of fuel cell buses

Zero emission bus designer and manufactuer ElDorado National-California (ENC), a subsidiary of REV Group, recently held an open house to present its zero emission Axess FC, a fuel cell electric bus and the first 12 Year / 500,000 Mile Altoona Tested Fuel Cell Bus.

More than 70 guests attended, including transit agencies and representatives from California Air Resources Board (CARB) and Air Quality Management District (AQMD).

The latest Axess FC, a hydrogen fuel cell bus, offers an innovative alternative fuel solution relying on compressed hydrogen to power.

Electric fuel cells produce electricity, and that energy is stored in hydrogen tanks. The resulting energy storage is twice that of a battery electric bus.

A road map for zero emission, fuel cell electric buses in California

It has increased range, extending beyond 300 miles and a faster fuelling time which means no major disruption to the bus facility.

Each zero emission bus, over a 12-year period, can eliminate 1,690 tonnes of carbon dioxide, 10 tonnes of nitrogen oxide, and 350 pounds of diesel particulate matter.

“We’re working hard to design and innovate to provide the safest environment for our passengers,” said Mike Ammann, Vice-President of Sales, ElDorado National-California.

“With the most robust 304 grade stainless-steel structure on the market, composite exterior bodywork, true electric power, zero tailpipe emission, 10-15 minute fuel fill and versatile route deployment, our Axess-FC is a breakthrough in sustainable transportation.”


ENC is already partnering with SunLine Transit Agency in Palm Desert, CA; SARTA in Stark County, OH; OCTA and UC in Irvine, CA; as well as an FTA Demonstration Project in Flint, MI and Boston MBTA at Harvard University.

ElDorado National-California has been working with fuel cell technology for over 10 years and delivered its first fuel cell bus back in 2014.

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