Energy Observer undergoes first crew change

Energy Observer undergoes first crew change

Last month, H2 View shared the Energy Observer’s changes to its 2020 programme due to the coronavirus pandemic, but in an exciting update the team behind the vessel has announced the first crew change.

Caribbean instead of Tokyo: Energy Observer adapts to coronavirus crisis

Captain Victorien Erussard and Expedition leader Jérôme Delafosse, along with their crew, cast off from Fort-de-France last week to continue their Odyssey which will take them from the Caribbean Sea to the Amazon jungle and through the golden triangle of biodiversity in the Pacific.

In a time of the coronavirus pandemic, the whole crew is adapting to the health and safety guidelines on a daily basis and will find solutions to live self-sufficiently away from the rest of the world.

“We want to get as close to nature as possible so as to learn from it and consider this post-pandemic world that everyone is talking about without anyone knowing what it will be like,” said Delafosse.

To successfully complete their mission, the crew will spend month living entirely self-sufficiently. This requires them to develop navigation strategies in the quest for lost islets where they will be able to put into port, whilst ensuring the vessel’s safety, in a sea which may prove dangerous due to what promises to be a highly active hurricane season.

Throughout their ventures, the crew will have to be able to rely solely on the sun, the wind, the marine currents and the hydrogen produced aboard to generate the necessary energy to feed themselves, move about and communicate.

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