Energy Observer unveils new branding

Energy Observer unveils new branding

Energy Observer has today unveiled a new visual identity which its founder has described as a “powerful illustration of Energy Observer’s evolution”.

Launched as a laboratory vessel, Energy Observer has spearheaded numerous projects and taken on some sizeable challenges in a bid to switch ecological transition up a gear.

This rapid evolution has led Energy Observer to a turning point in its history, prompting the re-examination of its brand strategy and the framework for its development over the coming years.

“It heralds a turning point in our young yet dynamic history and underlines our positioning as a mature brand and a committed protagonist, which rolls up its sleeves to implement practical solutions that respect the environment,” said Victorien Erussard, founder of Energy Observer.

“With an expert, passionate team and committed, loyal partners, we believe in a sustainable future and we’re pulling out all the stops to help make that happen.”

Energy Observer’s new identity expresses the harmony between its two constituent universes that are the result of the friction between ‘adventure’ and ‘technology’.

© Energy Observer Productions – Antoine Drancey

A harmony between the Odyssey, an exploration of the initiatives which are changing the world, and the Innovations which it’s developing with a view to accelerating energy transition.

It will enable one and all to plunge into the “Energy Observer” experience thanks to a personalised cartography, two font levels which link the voyage and the scientific work, a deep blue hue like the ocean and lighter complementary tones, as well as providing a showcase for the project’s impressive image library.

Energy Observer’s logo remains a strong marker of our identity. The intertwining of its two components calls to mind a virtuous and sustainable cycle, as well as the complementary nature of our missions: to explore and to innovate.

This new identity will be expressed to the full in a new website thanks to an immersive journey through time in search of different countries, cultures and initiatives.

This site will fuel a dialogue between the two facets of Energy Observer within the same space.

In the future, it will also be rolled out at Energy Observer’s major stopovers, within a completely reconfigured village hosting a new, open-access and educational exhibition.

© Energy Observer

The development of Energy Observer’s video and social media content, as well as episodes of Energy Observer Solutions, will shine a spotlight on the diversity and richness of the content created by its production teams both at sea and on land.

Documentary resources on renewable energies, hydrogen, sustainable development goals and the environment will be freely accessible to develop the educational scope of Energy Observer’s project and rally together numerous protagonists around the issues it’s supporting: the teaching profession, researchers and engineers, committed protagonists, partners and the general public as a whole.

The accessibility and challenges of digital ecology for the visually impaired have been central to Energy Observer’s thought processes.

In this way, the website will be hosted in a data centre in Germany, which relies on a network that is 100% eco-friendly.

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