Energy-saving house integrated with Proton Motor fuel cell technology

Energy-saving house integrated with Proton Motor fuel cell technology

Bavarian and South Tyrolean have collaboratively constructed an energy-saving, emission-free residential building integrated with Proton Motor Fuel Cell technology.

The South Tyrol pilot project also uses hydropower and Hy2green storage from GKN. Proton Motor has deployed its fuel cell model S8 throughout the building.

With a power capacity of 7.8 kilowatts in stationary use, the Proton engine module will contribute to the power supply of the purely water-powered construction project.

One of the challenges of the new build is the lack of water during the winter season, due to frosty and icy conditions.

To overcome this issue, a Hy2green solid storage has been deployed. The Hy2green storage from GKN, is a local production and storage of hydrogen without additional compression in metal power.

The Hy2green storage system, used for renewable energy, is located in the mount village of South Tyrol.

The hydrogen serves as storage medium of the originally electrical energy. The metal power is used as a secure storage medium for hydrogen.

The hydrogen is generated from electrical energy by electrolysis and passed into the metal power filled storage tank from GKN Power Metallurgy.

The connection of the metal hydride storage can be released again by adjusting the pressure and temperature.

The hydrogen is directed into a fuel cell, which can be converted back into electricity. All that remains is oxygen and water.

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