EU-funded project to improve large-scale hydrogen refuelling

EU-funded project to improve large-scale hydrogen refuelling

COSMHYC XL, an EU-funded project that launched in January (2019), is continuing its focus on developing extra-large hydrogen refuelling stations.

COSMHYC XL is the sister project of COSMHYC, a project which has already achieved significant progress in the development of an optimised hydrogen compression solution.

COSMHYC XL will build on the compression concept and develop the process for large-scale mobility applications to be able to refuel several vehicles in a short period of time, with large quantities of fuel.

The project’s hybrid compression concept for hydrogen refuelling stations with a combination of a baseload metal hydride compressor, will enable a high level of reliability and a new mechanical compressor.

Whilst the project recognises the significant progress in developing hydrogen infrastructure for large scale applications, it is aware of the challenges that need addressing.

Such challenges include the costs or increase to the capacity of high hydrogen flow rates. The project aims to address these challenges and thus contributing to the expansion of hydrogen mobility for heavy mobility applications.

Besides the obvious economic impacts, the project will also increase the energy efficiency of hydrogen compression by more than 30% and reduce hydrogen production costs at hydrogen refuelling stations.

Both COSMHYC XL and COSMHYC are funded by the Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking of the European Commission.

The COSMHYC XL project will end in December 2021.


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