Euisun Chung appointed Hyundai Chairman

Euisun Chung appointed Hyundai Chairman

Former Hydrogen Council co-chair Euisun Chung has been inaugurated as Chairman of Hyundai Group, marking a new chapter in the South Korean automaker’s history.

Under Chung’s leadership, Hyundai will embrace the vision ‘Together for a Better Future’, which will see the group develop and acquire key technologies and capabilities to overcome market uncertainties, including Covid-19.

Previously executive vice-chairman of Hyundai, Chung foresaw the powerful possibilities of hydrogen energy and championed the growth of hydrogen ecosystem, with broad implementation of fuel cell technology beyond automobiles.

“Our world-class hydrogen fuel cell technology will be used not only in automobiles, but also in various fields, as an eco-friendly energy solution for the future of humanity,” said Chung.

“We will also realise the future of our imagination through Robotics, Urban Air Mobility (UAM), Smart City and other innovations. These groundbreaking advancements will offer a higher plane of life experiences for humanity.”

Chung was appointed as Hydrogen Council Co-Chair in January 2019 and has been working with its members on ways to support industry, governments and international organisations in realising a zero emission hydrogen energy society.

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