Eustream joins initiative to connect green hydrogen production in Ukraine to Germany and Austria
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Eustream joins initiative to connect green hydrogen production in Ukraine to Germany and Austria

Slovakian-based Eustream has joined an international partnership to produce and supply green hydrogen from Ukraine to Austria and Germany.

With the expected increase in demand for green hydrogen across Central Europe, Eustream is situating itself at the forefront of the supply chain by joining the “H2EU+Store” initiative.

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With Eustreams extensive gas network, and testing on hydrogen in pipelines, the gas operator has been identified as the ideal group to support the transportation of green hydrogen from Ukraine to Central Europe.

H2EU+Store will create the necessary capacities for renewable electricity and hydrogen production in Ukraine and also support the expansion of storage volumes in Austria and Germany, accompanied by adaptations in the area of gas transport to Central Europe.

In a phased step plan up to 2050, green hydrogen produced in Western Ukraine will be fed into the international gas transport network of Western Ukraine and transported to the energy storage facilities of RAG Austria AG via the gas pipeline systems of Slovakia and Austria.

Members of the initiative include Bayerngas GmbH, bayernets GmbH, Eco-Optima LLC, Open Grid Europe GmbH, and RAG Austria AG.

Rastislav Ňukovič, Director General of Eustream, said, “A unique geographical location and multi-line transmission system enables Slovakia and Eustream to become an important hydrogen entry gate serving multiple European key markets.

“Among other initiatives, we plan to dedicate one of the main lines of our transmission network only for transport of 100% hydrogen.”

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