Everfuel continuing to expand Scandinavia’s hydrogen capabilities

Everfuel continuing to expand Scandinavia’s hydrogen capabilities

Everfuel is continuing to expand the rollout of its Scandinavian hydrogen stations that aim to bring widespread hydrogen to end-users.

Outlined within the company’s Q3 2021 results, the opening of hydrogen stations near both Oslo and Copenhagen have been selected with strategic advantages in mind to support the transition to hydrogen mobility solutions.

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By increasing the rollout of hydrogen refuelling stations, Everfuel also intends to support the growing supply of hydrogen with the company signing an agreement with TECO 2030 for the delivery of green hydrogen.

Not only will this support hydrogen commercial vehicles but will also support the rollout of hydrogen-powered Taxi’s primarily in Denmark with vehicles in Aarhus and Copenhagen.

Construction for Everfuel’s HySynergy Phase I electrolyser is also underway with it expected to produce its first hydrogen in late 2022 in Fredericia.

These initiatives cement Everfuel’s position at the forefront of hydrogen mobility within Scandinavia and with the company developing a key value chain, it is expected to be both profitable and accelerate the adoption of hydrogen.

Jacob Krogsgaard, the founder and CEO of Everfuel, said, “With COP26 fresh in mind, there is no doubt that we are moving towards a step-change in production of renewable energy and transition to decarbonisation of transportation world-wide.

“We are starting to see political acknowledgement of the many possibilities of green hydrogen and in PtX of as an important part of the solution to the climate changes we are facing.

“We and the entire hydrogen industry need to develop the market in close cooperation with technology providers and end-users and with support of the authorities.

“As such, we are pleased that our HySynergy Phase II project has progressed in the EU’s IPCEI funding plan, a confirmation of European interest in making green hydrogen commercially available.

“We are also excited to see an increasing number of vehicles transitioning to zero-emission hydrogen. Fleets of hydrogen taxies are rolling out in the largest cities in Denmark, contributing to cleaner air and enabling taxi companies to meet rising customer demand for green mobility.”

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