Exclusive: HYPOS-Forum

Exclusive: HYPOS-Forum

Hydrogen Power Storage & Solutions East Germany (HYPOS), a network of German companies and research institutions in the hydrogen sector, will meet with national and international hydrogen experts on 5th November for this year’s HYPOS-Forum.

Marking the fifth annual forum, this year over 150 industry players and SMEs are expected to gather for the hydrogen-based event at Börse Dresden – the conference centre of the Dresden Fair.

To kick start the event, Mayor of Dresden, Eva Jähnigen, will welcome attendees along with Dr. Joachim Wicke, Chairman of HYPOS, who will then be followed by a variety of speakers delivering presentations and panels throughout the day.

The event will also feature a diverse range of contributions from the HYPOS project, providing attendees with information on the current state of hydrogen research.

Commenting on the event, Florian Thamm from HYPOS said, “This is the chance for everyone involved in the hydrogen revolution to contribute his or her knowledge and passion for successful realisation.”

The forum highlights Germany’s commitment to the adoption of hydrogen fuel following the announcement by the Federal Government highlighting its intent to launch a National Hydrogen Strategy by the end of the year.

Ahead of the HYPOS-Forum, H2 View spoke to Florian Thamm from HYPOS to gain more information on the forum.

Thanks for taking some time out with H2 View. What are you expecting from the HYPOS-Forum?

I am expecting two days of interesting presentations and national and international hydrogen experts dealing with innovative projects and undertakings concerning clean hydrogen.  

Can you tell us more about how the event started?

Started in 2013 by HYPOS, this annual symposium has been a significant element of the HYPOS-Network from the beginning. The HYPOS-Forum offers our community information about the innovative projects and further national and international projects and undertakings. But on top of everything else, the HYPOS-Forum provides face-to-face communication and networking.

What are the main topics that will be covered at the event and who will the keynote speaker be?

For me, the HYPOS-Forum 2019 represents our current situation transferring the HYPOS network from its research projects to realisation. Firstly, it focuses on different HYPOS projects like the hydrogen storage in caverns or the safety level along the hydrogen value chain.

Secondly, it presents the future path of hydrogen through panel discussions, for example, with Martin Dulig, Saxon State Minister of Economic Affairs, and Noé van Hulst, Hydrogen Envoy of the Netherlands, discussing the status of the hydrogen economy in Central Germany, or the presentations of the living lab initiatives GreenHydroChem and Energiepark Bad Lauchstaedt of the HYPOS-Region.

What do you hope attendees will take away from the HYPOS-Forum?

The expectations from the attendees really differs. Some attendees are long lasting experts with hydrogen, and I hope they will be encouraged for the next steps, strengthen well grown contacts and maybe discover a new aspect. On the other hand, I would like to welcome the hydrogen newcomers. I hope they will catch up on hydrogen and the community, especially the HYPOS network.

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