FCH JU receives high interest for its PDA regions initiative

FCH JU receives high interest for its PDA regions initiative

Up to ten European regions are set to receive support from the FCH JU for their fuel cell and hydrogen projects in a bid to advance the deployment of this technology in Europe.

The Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH JU) said it has received high interest from European regions for its Project Development Assistance (PDA) for Regions call.

The initiative attracted applications from all corners of Europe, 19 countries in total, including from areas with low deployment of hydrogen technologies, such as Central and Eastern Europe.

The FCH JU said up to 10 successful applicants will receive targeted support from dedicated consultants for further developing their project plans, thus advancing the deployment of fuel cell hydrogen technology in Europe.

The proposals will be evaluated in the next weeks, with results expected by the end of April.

Early success in deploying hydrogen technologies in Europe has been driven on a regional and city-wide level, the scale of which is compatible with the early and ambitious deployment of the technology.

Local governments, acting in conjunction with industrial partners, have been able to secure significant investment in fuel cell and hydrogen projects, and deploy technology faster than would be possible on a national scale, or for a private company to do alone.

In 2017, the FCH JU initiated the regions initiative, which saw over 90 cities and regions committing to develop hydrogen projects.

Over the next five years, the total level of investment in local or regional fuel cell and hydrogen projects is expected to total €1.8bn.

According to a study of on the development of business cases for a wide of fuel cells and hydrogen applications in regions and cities, a number of public authorities express significant interest in further developing local or regional roadmaps.

Following on from this, the FCH JU launched the PDA for regions and cities project, to support detailed project planning and development, so that project concepts could move forward to implementation.

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