Fidelis to expand hydrogen operations with the establishment of a new European headquarters

Fidelis to expand hydrogen operations with the establishment of a new European headquarters

Fidelis continues to expand its renewable energy presence and branch further into the hydrogen ecosystem with the establishment of a European headquarters.

With this, the company will continue to build on its four branches of focus which includes renewable fuels, carbon management, clean hydrogen, and renewable power.

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Europe is a key region for renewable energy developments, and crucially hydrogen, which will therefore allow Fidelis to continue to expand its operations whilst also gaining access to the lucrative hydrogen and renewable energy markets.

Established in Copenhagen, Denmark, the headquarters will provide the company with a basis in which to operate from and with Scandinavia hosting some of the world’s largest renewable energy projects, the company could benefit from this and gain access to large streams of hydrogen production potential.

To support the company’s presence in Europe, Fidelis has additionally appointed Ulrik Dan Weuder as Managing Director of Fidelis Europe, and Lotte Kemplar as General Counsel of Fidelis Europe & Deputy General Counsel at Fidelis.

With vast amounts of experience, it is expected that these appointments will enable the company to expand its operations and delve deeper into the renewable energy market whilst also exploring clean hydrogen opportunities.

Bengt Jarlsjo, Co-founder of Fidelis, said, “Being born and raised in Scandinavia, I am pleased we have selected Denmark as the headquarters for Fidelis Europe and appointed Ulrik and Lotte to lead that expansion.

“With our partners in the region, we see great potential for projects within our strategy in Scandinavia and Europe as a whole.

“Our European presence will also enhance our continued collaboration with our Scandinavian and European technology partners as we continue to advance transition infrastructure assets across our portfolio.”

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