First hydrogen trucks arrive in Switzerland

First hydrogen trucks arrive in Switzerland

The first seven fuel cell electric heavy-duty trucks set to revolutionise the green hydrogen mobility ecosystem in Switzerland have been delivered to customers.

Announcing the news today (7th Oct), Hyundai Motor Company said the delivery of the XCIENT Fuel Cells marks the official entry of the company’s commercial vehicles in the European market – a touchstone for Hyundai’s expansion into the North American and Chinese commercial markets.

South Korea’s largest automaker plans to ship 50 XCIENT Fuel Cells to Switzerland this year and roll out a total of 1,600 trucks by 2025.

Production capacity is expected to reach 2,000 units per year by 2021 to support expansion into Europe, the US and China.

The increase in capacity will be backed by a $1.3bn investment in addition to a previously announced $6.4bn stake in establishing a hydrogen ecosystem to support creation of a hydrogen society.

“The delivery of XCIENT Fuel Cell starts a new chapter not only for Hyundai’s hydrogen push, but also the global community’s use of hydrogen as a clean energy source,” said In Cheol Lee, Executive Vice-President and Head of Commercial Vehicle Division at Hyundai Motor.

“Today’s delivery is just a beginning as it opens endless possibilities for clean mobility.”

“With successful delivery of the first XCIENT Fuel Cell trucks, we proudly announce our plan to expand beyond Europe to North America and China where we are already making great progress.”

The successful launch of XCIENT Fuel Cell inEurope is key to Hyundai’s global expansion of fuel cell trucks.

Hydrogen ecosystem

The seven customers who received the first batch of XCIENT Fuel Cell trucks will haul payloads of consumer goods around Switzerland, emitting nothing but clean water vapor.

The operations will be backed by a robust green hydrogen ecosystem.

In 2019, Hyundai Motor Company formed Hyundai Hydrogen Mobility (HHM), a joint venture with Swiss company H2 Energy.

HHM also is partnering with Hydrospider, a joint venture of H2 Energy, Alpiq and Linde.

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The customers will be leasing XCIENT Fuel Cell trucks from HHM on a pay-per-use basis that does not require an initial investment.

Hyundai will take the success in Switzerland to broader European markets as Hyundai establishes solutions and partner networks in Austria, Germany, the Netherlands and Norway.

Currently, Coop, Migros, Traveco, Galliker Logistics, Camion Transport, F. Murpf and G. Leclerc Transport along with others have placed orders for XCIENT Fuel Cell.

They will be utilising the trucks to haul everything from food to cars around Europe.

Hydrogen station network

To support the growing hydrogen ecosystem, Hyundai has a business case for more than 100 hydrogen fuelling stations in Switzerland, which is enough not only for commercial vehicles, but also passenger fuel cell electric vehicles.

Likewise, Hyundai plans to act as a sector coupler in bringing various players to the hydrogen value chain as part of its efforts to bring value.

Hyundai will introduce a full model change for XCIENT Fuel Cell that will sit on a dedicated hydrogen fuel cell truck platform in the next few years.

The new model will feature an e-axle and two 200-kW fuel cell systems that are under development.

The new model lineup will include 4×2 and 6×2 cargo trucks and 4×2 tractors that can cover a significant portion of Europe’s major heavy duty truck market.

The 44-ton GCW tractor will have a range of up to 1,000km on a single charge. These models will help the effort to replace pollutant-emitting diesel-powered trucks.

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