Fortescue Future Industries successfully produces hydrogen from its own electrolyser design
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Fortescue Future Industries successfully produces hydrogen from its own electrolyser design

With hydrogen production identified as a key development in enhancing the hydrogen economy, Fortescue Future Industries (FFI) is set to support this with the company unveiling today (Dec 20) it has created hydrogen from its own electrolyser system.

The innovative pressurised alkaline electrolyser design has been developed using a small team from FFI’s manufacturing arm and, in successfully creating industrial scale green hydrogen, it will now enhance the company’s prospects in becoming a major player in the hydrogen sector.

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Not only has an electrolyser been developed, but the company has also said a number of new electrolyser technologies will form part of a new patent family.

FFI will now install solar panels at FFI’s Dawson Road facility, Australia, which will mean the electrolyser will be able to produce green hydrogen in 2022.

With the number of global hydrogen production projects currently ongoing by FFI, it could see this new technology implemented to generate industrial scale green hydrogen making FFI a one-stop-shop for hydrogen projects.

Julie Shuttleworth, CEO of Fortescue Future Industries, said, “This is another outstanding achievement from our FFI in-house scientists and engineers – who are continuing to break new ground.

“The FFI team has designed and operated our own electrolyser system which will be key to developing FFI’s green hydrogen production into the future.”

Dr. Andrew Forrest, Chairman of Fortescue Future Industries, said, “This electrolyser was internally designed, built and commissioned by a small, dedicated team of experts – an impressive achievement that is representative of the hard work that is happening across the whole of FFI.

“The team spent thousands of hours on this project, facing setbacks along the way, but they pushed forward and managed to produce hydrogen before their stretch target date – something they should be incredibly proud of.

“This is not the first time FFI’s team of experts have beaten their stretch targets. Earlier this year, FFI retrofitted a huge mining haul truck to run on hydrogen, producing only steam, in just 130 days.”

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