California’s hydrogen highway set to expand by four new stations

California’s hydrogen highway set to expand by four new stations

With 45 retail hydrogen stations open in California today, the sunshine state’s hydrogen highway is set to expand by a further four stations.

Iwatani Corporation of America, a key player in California’s hydrogen market, has ordered four H2Station’s from Nel Hydrogen Fueling – a deal valued at approximately NOK 40m ($4.6m).

The new infrastructure will push forward ambitious hydrogen station roll-out plans confirmed for California last year, which saw the California Energy Commission (CEC) make its largest investment in hydrogen infrastructure since 2015, funding upwards of 110 new hydrogen stations to be developed by Iwatani, FirstElement and Shell.

The multi-year grant means the stations will be funded in batches over the next five years (2020-2025) with Iwatani to develop 14 in its first batch.

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“We are very honoured Iwatani have selected our H2Station™ for their first hydrogen fuelling station supported by the grant funding opportunity under the California Energy Commissioning,” said Ulrik Torp Svendsen, Global Key Account Manager at Nel Hydrogen Fueling.

“The stations will serve existing as well as new fuel cell electric vehicles with zero-emission fuel, at the same convenience as conventional fuels. With our new Nel Inc. entity currently based in the Los Angeles area we now look forward to expanding our business in South California and supporting Iwatani.”

Nel said this order of four stations from Iwtani is in addition to the 14 stations it ordered from Nel last year (2020).

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