Fronius to support SAN Group in producing 100kg of green hydrogen per day in Austria

Fronius to support SAN Group in producing 100kg of green hydrogen per day in Austria

Austrian energy solutions company Fronius is installing a hydrogen customer system in Austria for a SAN Group project that will soon be producing up to 100kg of green hydrogen a day.

This will support emission-free mobility and ensure autonomy through emergency power supply.

The innovative and multi-award-winning solution provides a sustainable alternative to the use of fossil fuels for mobility.

Seasonal storage and utilisation of waste heat increase the system’s total efficiency standard and makes the Solhub a smart energy solution.

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Fronius states that this is the first green hydrogen production plant in Lower Austria, is being constructed at SAN Biotech Park and will be operated with 100% renewable energy.

A photovoltaic system with an output of 1.5MW on the roof of the industrial park will provide power for electrolysis with both the hydrogen infrastructure in addition to service and maintenance of the green system solution being provided by Fronius.

The hydrogen generated will be used to power SAN Group’s fleet and can also be used by pasrtners in the region.

With around 100kg of green hydrogen set to be created each day, this is enough to fill around 16 passenger cars or drive more than 15000km in a bus or truck.

Groundbreaking for this project took place in May 2021 with the Fronius Solhub set to be commissioned in spring 2022.

Martin Hackl, Global Director of the Business Unit Solar Energy, Fronius International, said, “The installation of the first Fronius Solhub is a flagship project.

“Green hydrogen is generated and stored directly on site using solar energy and water and this is then used to fill hydrogen vehicles.

“Thanks to reconversion, the solar energy is also available in the winter—in this way we can make use of the sun 24 hours a day.”

Dominik Mittermaier, Technical Sales Hydrogen, Fronius International, said, “We are supporting companies in the energy revolution.

“Companies like SAN Group have a pioneering role in that they are making a clear commitment to increase their use of renewable energies and are taking action to make this a reality.

“Fronius Solhub brings a range of benefits, including improvement of the carbon footprint, regional value creation, sustainable mobility solutions, and autonomy through emergency power supply.”

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